Welcome to the MkDocs+ Project

For information about MkDocs itself or to view the official MkDocs documentation please visit mkdocs.org.

What is MkDocs+?

Well, it's MkDocs + Something. If that's not clear, MkDocs+ provides examples of integrating 3rd Party JavaScript libraries with MkDocs. This project started out initially as just a playground where I could test the use of a few javascript libaries and at some point I thought maybe it would be helpful to throw it out on the internet so other people could also see the examples. There's really nothing super special about this project and most libraries are implemented following their documentation. However, I hope the examples provided are useful to others somehow.

How to use this site?

Please click on any library name from the menu bar to view examples and in some cases usage information and/or documentation on any special tweaks that were needed.


The MkDocs+ Project code is on Github. You can easily clone a copy and play with the included examples to see exactly how they work. Each example is held entirely in it's own sub-folder and does not rely on any dependancies outside of that folder with ONE exception. Both the readthedocs and default MkDocs themes already include jQuery and because of that I am not including it a second time for the examples that require it.


Finally, I want to thank the entire MkDocs team for creating MkDocs and give special thanks to d0ugal and waylan for the exceptional support they have provided.